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dennis taylor Taylor Motorsports Products was founded in 1979 by Dennis Taylor. Dennis has been immersed in the motorsports world for most of his life starting with his days at Orange County International Raceway in the late sixties and his time on the road with fuel dragsters and Funny Cars. But, Taylor’s involvement did not stop at drag racing; he has been instrumental in product development for many racing competitors in all aspects of motorsports.  For over 30 years, Dennis Taylor has been on the leading edge of safety innovation combining his eye for detail, perfection and quality with the most challenging safety needs of competitors in drag racing to open wheel to off road and more.  Today, Taylor Motorsports Products has a comprehensive line of hundreds of custom designed and hand made products from driver’s suits to complete restraint systems.

Why choose Taylor? Simply… “We build and supply the best safety equipment you can buy, I bet my life on it. For over 25 years I have trusted my life with these products in my own race cars and so should you.”

Dennis Taylor

President, Founder and Crash Test Dummy

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