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Accessories & Apparel
Taylor Motorsports custom made tow straps, seat inserts, seat upholstery, dive blankets, equipment covers, t-shirts and shop accessories.
Driver Equipment
Taylor Motorsports has the highest quality, hand made custom designed drivers suits on the market today. One or two piece suits are available in SFI-1, SFI-5, SFI-15, and SFI-20. SFI 5 and above suits come standard with the FULL 360 degree arm/shoulder gussets. SFI 15 drivers shoeas and SFI 20 Funny Car Boots. Taylor Motorsports also manufacturers the finest driver safety equipment including Camloc 5, 6 and 7 point restraint systems.
Engine & Chassis
The Engine & Chassis Category includes Taylor Motorsports engine diapers, valve cover restraints, blower restraints, transmission blankets, parachutes, and roll bar padding.
Safety equipment specifically for motorcycle applications including lower engine restraints, tie systems, flaps and covers.
Taylor Motorsports has all of the information and convenient resources you need to recertify your Taylor Motorsports SFI rated products. In this category you will find fully electronic recertification forms and the easy sign up form for FREE entry in our recertification reminder program.
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