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You are viewing the SFI 14.1 Complete Restraint Product.
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14.1 - SFI 14.1 Complete Restraint
SFI 14.1 Complete Restraint
Product No. 14.1
Size: 1
Weight: 6.00
Price: $390.00

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Supercharger restraint for roots type blower
SFI 14.1 complete restraint comes with all necessary hardware. Package includes the top plate with straps attached and five steel header brackets. Top plate can be used for 14.2 upgrade. Available for 6-71, 8-71, 10-71, 12-71, and 14-71 roots type superchargers. Simply choose your blower size and complete the e-form to get your restraint system special order started. Be sure to view the measuring information pdf for accurate measurement instructions.

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